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I-CAR Gold Class Shop

What is the Gold Class Designation?
When your car has been in a collision, getting it repaired properly is critical for your family’s safety and your peace of mind. But how do you know if a shop has the up-to-date knowledge to repair your vehicle safely?
The Gold Class designation lets you know a collision repair shop has trained technicians who know how to repair your vehicle properly. Approximately 10% of collision repair shops currently complete the rigorous training requirements needed to meet the Gold Class standard. Businesses that earn Gold Class status are proud of their accomplishment and will typically display the Gold Class logo prominently in their shop and on their website to help you identify them as highly trained repair facilities.
As vehicles incorporate more and more new materials and new technologies, current training has become increasingly important for proper repairs. Gold Class shops are trained to know:

    •    How to make the right decision for a safe repair
    •    How to find hidden damage others may not see
    •    The latest repair procedures and technologies
    •    Which parts to repair and which to replace

I-Car Gold Class Shop photo of certification on door
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